Reintegrating teams - during and post COVID-19

As we settle in to new ways of working and people return to the workplace after working from home, or returning from furlough, while others have been in the office all along, understanding, managing and getting people to gel at the emotional times is more important than ever.

Do you need to understand, communicate and empathise with people who are feeling worried, frustrated, angry, concerned, happy, fearful, annoyed, stressed…   because of the ways we have had to respond to COVID-19?

This course is designed for people who may be struggling (or potentially will struggle in the future) with reintegrating teams post COVID, post pandemic and post furlough.


  • Understand and explore the wide range of attitudes, perspectives and emotions
  • Explore team development models and relevance to current workplace
  • Explore and practice strategies for dealing with potential conflict
  • Action planning and follow up Understanding your team/people

Other details

  • Virtual/Online or classroom delivery
  • Duration - 2.5 hours
  • Cost/person - £75
  • See website for full details including courses dates

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