Managing Yourself (time management)

Time management is a skill that takes some time to master at the best of times, and in the current climate has raised a new set of challenges. Do you struggle to focus, and find that your days are unproductive? Do you feel that your workload has become so busy that you struggle to work out your priorities? Then this course if for you. 


  • Pre-workshop – keep diary of day
  • Discuss attitudes, perceptions and opinions around time management
  • Identify what your barriers to productivity are – pre/post COVID? Are they the same?
  • Explore a range of established theories and tools
  • Do the old strategies still work; planning and managing barriers, eliminating distractions and disruptions
  • Action plan – try different techniques from tool kit and reflect

Other details

  • Virtual/Online or classroom delivery
  • Duration - 3.5 hours
  • Cost/person - £90 (includes follow up review)
  • See website for full details including courses dates

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