Public Speaking - Performance Review (Online)

Whether it’s an important speech that you want to perfect, a pitch that needs refining, a new approach or skills that you want to embed, or simply an MOT to keep you on track, a performance review will provide a focussed environment to rehearse, review and refine your public speaking.

Available for individuals or small groups, this is designed to minimise time and cost while maximising results. 

Typically consisting of two 45min sessions focussed entirely on you and your performance. The first session provides a space to examine objectives, rehearse and review. Following this, you will be sent video footage from the session along with a detailed evaluation report. Our second session focuses on coaching targeted at the key aspects which will have the greatest impact. Again video footage will be shared so that you can track progress.  

Sessions may be spaced according to your timescales and subsequent coaching is available on request with reduced rates for block booking.


Eloquential specialises in the art and science of effective communication. Our support is often identified within three areas: public speaking, public engagement and public presence. We offer consultancy support for specific events, coaching, training for skills development and tutoring towards communication and performance qualifications.