Building technology and pharma companies' Japan business, investments and M&A

We build UK, European, US, Canadian technology and pharma companies' Japan business, building partnerships, investment partnerships and M&A.

Currently we are building the Japan business for a European pharma venture in regenerative medicine, building their cooperations with Japanee large pharma including investment relationships, based on our platform and relationships with 100s of Japanese big and medium sized pharma companies.

M&A: we worked with the global M&A team of one of Japan's top 3 telecom giants on their investment and partnership strategy for Europe including market entry strategy into 17 European industry sectors. We worked with a European pharma group to acquire a Japanese pharmaceutical company/factory.

Foreign multinationals, and Silicon Valley SaaS companies engage us to help them solve overcome "what is holding us back in Japan", or "we are already restarting our business the third time in Japan".

Founded in 1997 in Tokyo by Gerhard Fasol, PhD at the Cavendish, Trinity Fellow for about 10 years, and former tenured University Lecturer at the Cavendish.

We build foreign technology and pharma companies' business in Japan and ww. We work on M&A projects.
Founder: Gerhard Fasol (PhD Cavendish, former Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge, and former tenured Lecturer at the Cavendish Lab)