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What is the podcast about?


I'm making it my mission with this podcast to help smaller businesses, like you, that want to grow, but they want to get the 'comms stuff' right. And get it right earlier on in your journey. So you can grow more effectively, you can spend your money more wisely and have so much more impact. It's 10min episodes delivered weekly in bite-sized chunks.


It can be very frustrating that you can hire the wrong people, have the wrong team in place. I don't think a lot of people really understand the subtlety of all of the comms skills needed and how it comes together. And actually how simply by having the right story, the right communication approach, and doing things slightly more strategically, you can get great results. 


I've been there and got the badge on this topic. I distilled all of my knowledge into easy to understand, weekly bite-sized tips and pointers for you in a free podcast, so you can grow your business and your brand profile with confidence, and have the right communication strategy and activities in place right from the start.


I bust the myths, and I've pretty much heard all of them. I break through the jargon and give you really practical, essential, and useful advice and tips that you can actually use, and that can help you. So you don't have to waste time on those that are not for you. Whether you're listening seriously every week or binging like a Netflix box set of the weekend, or whether you're just always on the move, hopefully, there's something for everybody on this podcast.


Is this podcast for you?


You could be wearing two or three hats in your startup or growing business, or you might be the product developer or the sales expert already in your business. You want effective tools and strategies that are simple and easy to implement without being the expert, right?


Or maybe you're in a marketing role in a growing business, in a new role, or have a technical background, or you are just time poor and new to it, and need a plug and play lifeline to support you, to get the job done and quickly move on.


You understand the need for comms, probably, but you haven't the time or maybe the inclination to undertake formal training, or read complicated navel-gazing business books, or self-help books when you're tired at night and there's no budget to employ an expert.


If this resonates with you, you are in the right place. So sign up, listen in, and start learning on how to have comms that works to support your business goals!


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Henbe Communication provides independent communication and public relations advice to businesses challenging the norm or 'doing things differently' in property tech and the built environment. Comms 'That Works' and the Communication Strategy That Works podcast are initiatives by Henbe Communications Ltd.