Online - Principles of Project Management

What will be covered?

There will be a focus on four key techniques around Project Management, planning, stakeholder management, schedule management and risk management.

  • Planning is crucial as you must have a clear set of goals, targets and objectives when managing any project.
  • Stakeholder management is about understanding who can help you and who might hinder you in achieving your objectives.
  • Schedule management is about making sure you have clear timescales and milestones within your project.
  • Risk management is crucial to understand as every project comes with a degree of uncertainty. Your role is to maximise positive opportunities while minimising any negative impacts.

Who is it for?

An introductory eLearning module for anyone looking for an understanding of essential Project Management tools and techniques.

What will you gain?

The module is designed to offer project management experience and skills that can be applied to any industry. Everyone who completes the module will receive a certificate of completion.

The module is aligned with the APM Project Management accredited programmes.

As a consequence, on completion of this module we will discount £150 from the cost of either of these courses if you book with us:

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification

APM Project Management Qualification

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