Managing Change - CMI Bitesize Online

This series is designed to enable the learner to evaluate types and reasons for change within organisations and be able to select and apply theoretical models for its management. The purpose is not only to enable learners to develop the skills to manage change and achieve set objectives, but to do so in a professional manner with open and honest communication throughout the entire process.

The programmes within this series are;

  • Why Change Happens - this programme aims to give you, the learner, a deeper understanding of how to approach, discuss and action changes in your work environment
  • Approaches to Change - this programme will outline several of the various models of change management available, talk through the steps and give a thorough understanding of how these models can be used to understand your own situation
  • Initiating and Planning Change -  this programme aims to outline the practical approaches to initiate, plan and manage change in your organisation.                                                                                                 

Course Structure

This course is an interactive online learning programme provided by the CMI, the course is fully aligned to CMI Professional Standards and Level 5 qualifications. Each programme will take you around 270 minutes to complete. As part of your enrolment you will receive 3 months subscription to CMI and will receive a digital Certificate of Achievement on completion. Foundation Chartered Manager is also awarded on completion of 3 programmes from the CMI Bitesize range.

Once you have purchased the course, we will enrol you with the CMI and will contact you within 5 working days with log on details so you can access and complete the online programme.

Who is it for?
This course is ideal for Managers who wish to address key challenges, develop their skills for the future and learn how to lead in a digital age.

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