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Leading People Through Change Online®, an online version of the acclaimed Blanchard® face-to-face solution, teaches your people how to create a high-involvement change initiative that brings all affected parties into the process. Its backbone is the Stages of Concern model, which describes the predictable concerns people will have and the order in which they arise. And it shows leaders how to respond to them, so employees’ concerns are addressed and everyone embraces the goal.

Online Overview
Leading People Through Change Online® Overview is a 35-minute course that teaches essential skills like identifying and addressing the predictable questions employees have and how to resolve their concerns to increase their buy-in and commitment. Practice opportunities follow content, ensuring concepts are learned. 

Online Clicks
In addition you'll also have access to 'Clicks', micro-activities ranging from 1 to 5 minutes that learners can use during moments of need. The playlist includes videos, activities, and worksheets. Topics covered include:

  • Influencing Up Illuminating Blind Spots
  • Tackling Touchy Topics
  • Bringing It to the Team
  • Will I Look Weak if I Test My View?
  • Why Arguing Backfires
  • Encouraging Your Team to Speak Up
  • Leaning into Difference
  • Six Ways to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Who is it for?
Managers, leaders and anyone who would like to successfully lead change. 

How do I purchase?
Please click below to enquire, when you are ready to purchase we will contact you within 48 working hours with your log on details to Blanchard Exchange® where your online course will be ready for you to complete.  If you are looking to purchase more than one license for your organisation please contact us for more information.

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