Online - The Ken Blanchard Companies® Teaming and Collaboration

Blanchard® Teaming and Collaboration Online teaches learners how to diagnose their team’s stage of development and act in a way that contributes to its performance. With employees spending the majority of their time working in teams, understanding how to make them successful is essential for the future of your business.

Course structure

Teaming and Collaboration Online is a 30-minute module that explains how teams evolve from the orientation stage to the production stage. This enables learners to diagnose their team’s stage of development and apply the corresponding actions to help the team achieve high performance. Participants will:

  • Gain clarity on why the team is working together
  • Build a foundation for accomplishing team goals
  • Have an open dialog in which everyone can share ideas candidly while being curious about others’ points of view
  • Trust one another and trust in the power of the team
  • Work collaboratively and support leadership best practices

Teaming and Collaboration Online includes micro learning activities, interactive learning, and tools for success.

Who is it for?

Intact team members or project team members, leaders who want to learn a mindset and model to build high-performance teams, a geographically dispersed workforce or learners who prefer to do everything online.

How do I purchase?

Please enquire for more information, when you are ready to purchase we will set you up with access to Blanchard Exchange® within 48 working hours.  If you are looking to buy multiple licenses for your organisation please get in touch.

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