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Conversational Capacity® Online teaches people how to engage in constructive dialogue, even in moments of great pressure. It helps them develop a mindset of conversational capacity, recognise when emotions are clouding their receptivity, and learn the four skills for balancing candour and curiosity. When your people have conversational capacity, your workplace undergoes a positive transformation that benefits every area of the business.

Included in your license

Your programme will include access to Conversational Capacity® Overview and Clicks:

Conversational Capacity® Online Overview is a 35 minute course that teaches your people how to stay in the sweet spot by balancing candour and curiosity. Topics covered include:

  • The mindset of conversational capacity
  • The natural tendencies to either minimise or win
  • The four skills for balancing candour and curiosity

Practice opportunities follow content, ensuring concepts are learnt.

Conversational Capacity® Clicks are micro-activities ranging from 1 to 5 minutes that learners can use during moments of need. The playlist includes videos, activities, and worksheets. Addresses hot topics such as:

  • Influencing Up
  • Tackling Touchy Topics
  • Why Arguing Backfires
  • Encouraging Your Team to Speak Up
  • Leaning into Difference
  • Six Ways to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Who is it for?

This course is great for anyone who wishes to improve their conversational skills.

How do I purchase?

Please click to enquire, when you are ready to purchase we will contact you within 48 working hours with your log on details to Blanchard Exchange® where your online course will be ready foryou to complete. If you are looking to purchase more than one license foryour organisation please contact us for more information.

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