Our translation services are trusted by clients the world over because they value our unique way of working.

The Alpha model is based on these main pillars:

  • Large number of in-house translators with the option of forming client-dedicated teams
  • A rigorous workflow and quality assurance system
  • Integrating the latest CAT tools, platforms and machine translation technologies
  • Drawing on our global network of offices for in-country expertise
  • Creating client-specific teams to pool knowledge and streamline processes
  • Emphasis on quality and focus on human interaction and commitment


Translation Memory Management

These days, there is a TM behind every translation. The benefits are undeniable: consistency, speed and cost savings. However, TMs need to be carefully managed if you want to avoid disappointment and extra work. Not everything is recyclable.


Terminology Management

At Alpha, we have more than 30 years’ experience in providing services that assure consistency of translation. 


Style Guide Creation

At Alpha, we create style guides that improve the effectiveness of our clients’ content. They help content creators to write consistently by providing a reference source in a number of relevant areas. 

Providing end-to-end localization, translation, transcreation and multilingual content services for global brands.