Promote your Event

Promoting your event to the top of the Cambridge Network Events pages on the website could help you to get more visibility to your event page or job advert. It also will be featured in our weekly Events Mailing.

You may have noticed that Cambridge Network events get top listings on our event pages, but you can also share that slot by promoting your event or job advert to ‘featured’ status. For £100+VAT per week you can:
  • Be at the top of the Cambridge Network event (or Recruitment Gateway for jobs) page
  • Be on all pages of our website (except the home page)
  • Be included in our weekly email news or jobsletters
  • Have Cambridge Network share your event or job through our social media channels.

How to do this?

1. Log in to your Cambridge Network account (click here if you would like some help with this).

2. Click on ‘Company Credits’


3. Select which type of credit you would like to purchase by adding a quantity.


4. Click on Purchase to pay through Worldpay (please note: you must have purchased credit BEFORE you can opt to make your event or job premium).

5. Then click on ‘Company Events’ and add your event, or see your list of events already listed.


  • You will see 3 headings by your event listing: Status, Bookings and Featured.
  • When you have paid to upgrade an event or job there will be a link under Featured saying ‘upgrade’
  • Click on the upgrade link to ‘feature’ your event and spend your credits!

Feel free to Contact us if you would prefer to speak to someone about making your event ‘featured’, we are always happy to assist!