11 strategies to market your business and build relationships in 2022

By Liam Sullivan, Director at HUB18Gaining attention, increasing sales, achieving goals and building relationships can be challenging in the current climate, so to help you build/refine your business strategy, here are 11 strategies to market your business and build relationships in 2022.

Hub 18 strategies

1. Social media marketing

An ad in a newspaper is old news within a day. Use social media to reach your target market > retarget warm leads > create lookalike audiences and continue testing and developing for increased ROAS and exposure. Social posts need to be regular to keep up with the ever-developing algorithms, daily is advisable.

2. Retarget

So important that it deserves its own section! Be sure to have analytics installed correctly so that your online visitors can be tracked. As mentioned above, once a lead is warm (maybe they abandoned cart or didn't finish filling in a form), retarget them again and again to get your desired results. From here, create a lookalike audience and start targeting people similarly interested in your products/services.

3. Exciting Billboards

Traditional advertising is getting lost in this digital age, what about the emotion, excitement, and real-life connection with your customer base through sports advertising? Use this as a platform to build a marketing campaign. A vast amount of the biggest companies in the world have used this method to increase exposure and boost sales - look at F1 car liveries! So why not you?

4. Network & Entertainment

Wine & dine clients, guests, and customers at events while networking to gain new contacts & win new business.

5. Showcase

Use events to showcase your products and services. Run competitions, get real-time data, product sampling, leads, and gain new business. The ability for customers to be able to physically align your products with their senses and emotions turns them into real-world experiences.

6. Experiences

Adrenaline-filled passenger rides with your colleagues, clients, or competition winners. What better way to strengthen relationships?

7. Build trust with customer reviews

Follow up with customers to give reviews on platforms such as Google & Facebook. There are plenty of plugins/apps that offer incentives in exchange for reviews.

8. Mailing-lists

Nurture them! Keep your followers in the loop through email blasts, offer value, and tell a story. Treat your mailing lists like relationships and don't neglect them.

9. Maintained website

How many times have you scrolled to the bottom of a website and seen the incorrect year? Plugins not working? Poor quality images? etc. This is your shopfront. No one will buy from a messy unmaintained shop - it's simply unprofessional.

10. Target the right people

Many businesses are targeting incorrectly and taking the quantity over quality approach. Yes, a range of keywords/audiences per Ad may result in views, clicks, abandoned carts, and the odd sale - how do we know what's working? By targeting focused audiences/keywords will not only help you identify what's working, but it will also show your Ad to your target customer - this may cost more; however, the conversion will be more frequent.

11. Bid on competitor keywords

Testing is good, often people spend too much time and money testing without doing research. See what is working well for your competitors, then use the money you have saved to test out how to do it better.

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