Ten top tips for moving up to management

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By Cambridge Network

Are you new to a management role, or aspiring to move up to one so you can take on greater responsibilities? If so, you will benefit from these top tips. 

1. Delegate 

Learn to delegate. Your team has the skills. Remember, you used to be one of them!

2. Don’t avoid problems 

Don’t avoid the issues, meet them head on. They don’t disappear if you ignore them. 

3. Encourage teamwork 

Sharing problems, opportunities and successes brings teams closer together and enhances productivity. 

4. Give feedback 

Good or bad, your team needs to know whether they are doing it right. 

5. Manage deadlines 

You’re the one in charge, so keep your team on track. 

6. Hold team briefings 

Keep everyone in the know. Sharing ideas can overcome multitudes of problems. 

7. Have regular reviews 

You team’s development is now in your hands. Their progression is your success. 

8. Manage priorities 

Not everything will go to plan all the time. Sometimes you have to make choices about what’s most important. 

9. Develop a tool kit of techniques and skills 

Learn from your experiences, because different approaches will work with different people. 

10. Understand friendship and management boundaries 

You were their peer and friend, so don’t lose sight of that.  But you also need respect, so can communicate when things need to change or improve.

Whether you’re new to management or soon to be promoted to it, there are challenges specific to the role.  It won’t all go swimmingly! There will be trials as well as tribulations, so learn from the start what works for you and your team. 

A great start is to look into Cambridge Network’s Learning Collaboration course, Transition to Management, which is available online (or face to face when regulations allow). It will earn you 13 CPD points.


The next online training sessions take place on Wednesday 2 December, with further opportunities in the following months.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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