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Broadband (UK) Ltd is operating in the space regarding all aspects of broadband provisioning in the UK. Including broadband news, broadband speed testing and other activities.

Broadband (UK) Limited is a leading consumer guide to broadband, offering broadband news, broadband comparison, broadband speed testing and more.

BroadbandUK’s broadband speed checker is the UK’s fastest growing speed test used by ISPs, broadband comparison sites and other third-parties.

Additionally, Broadband Providers is the first address-level accurate broadband comparison website in the UK.

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Products and services

Broadband Comparison Service

BroadbandUK has just recently launched a modern, address accurate Broadband Comparison Service, which can be found at

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Broadband Speed Test

BroadbandUK has developed a best in class Broadband Speed Test, it is a new generation of broadband speed test developed using the latest technologies.

The test is fully responsive so works on phones, tablets & laptops. It runs on all major platforms, Operating Systems & web browsers.

The test has been evaluated by the BBC & is linked to from their BBC iPlayer website, Stanford University and many other sites including county councils such as Cambridge, Essex, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Kent & Nottinghamshire. Origin Broadband features the test on their website as does Broadband Genie.

By utilising the latest technologies the test is accurate from very low speeds (sub 1 Mbps) to Gigabit speeds.

It is predicted that the test will run over 1,00,000 tests in 2020, showing a year on year growth of over 500%.

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