A sustainable world enabled through optimal engineering

To improve how most of the world's energy is used by optimising electric motors to their fundamental limits.

We look at real world problems and apply cutting edge technologies to achieve Impact. We combine advanced electronic and mechanical engineering expertise with the latest developments in machine learning, neural nets and AI.

Monumo's approach represents one of the most radical developments in engineering for decades. Senior people from McLaren, Arm and Microsoft are joining us and our founders include serial entrepreneurs of very successful businesses.

Working at Monumo.

Monumo's core values are:

Trust: We want to build the company on trust. Trusting the Individual, the team, the company and its mission. If we build trust, and hire brilliant people into every role, the company will succeed and fulfil its Vision.

Respect: Without respect there can be no Trust. The broader the relevant skill sets in the company, the more varied the approaches and perspectives, the stronger we are. We will ensure that everyone is respected, valued and empowered to be who they want to be.

Brilliance: Every role at every level has the potential to be delivered brilliantly. We must all bring our unique approaches and contribute to, learn from, inspire, teach and help one another.

Evolution: Evolution is at the heart of every aspect of Monumo, from the individual to the teams to the company to the technologies to the products to the impact all the way to delivering our vision. We must learn and improve continually.

We provide benefits that enable you to recharge and find your balance. Highlights include a generous options package, 30 days annual leave, additional end-of-year company holidays, sabbaticals, regular hackathons and opportunities for you to volunteer for your chosen charities as well as shared and progressive maternity and paternity leave.

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