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We help clients find the best possible talent and optimise retention. We are focused entirely on the scientific instrumentation and supplies market, working in areas such as laboratory technologies, laboratory equipment and consumables.

For us, ‘sales and marketing’ includes a variety of activities and to do them well you need the right talent. We work as a recruitment consultant helping our clients find the best people and our candidates jobs in which they can thrive. It’s something we’ve been doing for over 20 years client side.

Products and services


Insight offers a range of training courses dedicated to the very specific needs of the scientific instrumentation and laboratory technologies space. Our focus is on training for people in commercial roles and all our courses are designed and delivered by experienced trainers with relevant industry experience.

Courses run throughout the year in various locations and often at a clients premises.

We also offer bespoke, in-company training program’s developed with and for an individual client. Contact us for more details.

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Executive Search

Using Executive Search to Fill Leadership Roles

Finding the right people with the right knowledge, skills and behaviour continues to be one of the greatest challenges for business. In the scientific instrumentation and laboratory technologies space, the challenge is even greater as the talent pool is relatively small and highly specialised. Furthermore, the best candidates are not interested in a new job. They are generally happy where they are and excelling in their current role. They’re looking for excellent opportunities that offer Career Development and it’s this that makes the best people more discerning and more difficult to engage in the recruitment process.

So there will be occasions when only a ‘deep dive’ into this candidate pool will reveal the very best candidates, particularly for more senior positions and where the required skill set is particularly difficult to find.

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Recruitment Services

What We Do

Insight takes a consultative approach to the recruitment process. Our recruitment solutions are tailored to meet your needs and only by clearly understanding you, as the hiring manager, your company, objectives and culture, can we be sure of finding the best talent for your company. We aim to save you time and money when it comes to finding the best people. We won’t inundate you with CVs / résumés, but using our extensive experience of the market and knowledge of passive candidates, we will find the best candidates for your vacancy. For more senior positions or where there is a degree of sensitivity to the recruitment process, we also offer Executive Search Solutions.

Unlike other recruitment companies, Insight’s principal consultants have worked at the highest level in the industry. We’ve been in your shoes. We understand the laboratory instrumentation space and how the sales and marketing process works in your markets. We speak your language.

It’s this industry experience, and market knowledge that we leverage to provide a better service, and then we go further. We only work on a limited number of assignments at any one time so we can give each the attention it deserves.

What We Don’t Do

We flatly refuse to adopt traditional recruitment methods. We don’t ‘headhunt’ in client companies. We don’t measure the number of phone calls made, the number of candidates interviewed, the number of CV’s sent to a client or any of the numerous metrics focussed on quantity. Our interest is in quality and fostering what we hope will be a long term business relationship.

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