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We provide Consulting Services to align IT to your business strategy; Resourcing to provide highly skilled expertise and Managed Services to deliver challenging IT projects on time and to budget.

We are an independent IT Consultancy and Professional Services firm, headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with a regional office in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE). Privately Owned, Intergence was founded in 2003 to address the growing requirements of clients demanding high-level impartial expertise in networks and IT.  Our close relationship within the Cambridge academic community enables us to innovate in partnership, rapidly incorporating the latest technology advances into our solutions.   

Intergence are experts in IT Optimisation, specialising in areas such as application, infrastructure and data centre optimisation. We provide Consulting Services to align IT to your business strategy; Resourcing to provide highly skilled expertise and Managed Services to deliver challenging IT projects on time and to budget.  

Utilising a unique combination of world class expertise, industry-leading methodology and unique tools, Intergence has a clear and common purpose- to allow our clients to extract more value from their existing assets, whilst delivering a first-class service.  For more information, please visit: 

Products and services

Hyperforma has been designed to provide instant, remote IT infrastructure in a secure, fault tolerant single unit with a very small footprint

Hyperforma can be delivered to site with a range of software-based capabilities, fully installed and tested, such as firewalls, email, VOIP, office applications, PBX and more, integrated to provide a virtual set of services on hardware that is designed to deliver 99.999% availability.

Hyperforma is designed for organisations that have to operate in temporary or mobile accommodation such as a Portakabin where demanding conditions such as the desert or marine IT environments can impede operations. Applications include emergency services, construction, civil engineering, oil and gas, and events such as rock concerts and Formula 1 racing.
Hyperforma guarantees that remote offices remain available and in contact with HQ all the times which means a highly available service for workers dependent on computing-intensive applications such as CAD, design and drafting tools whilst also providing IT infrastructure for project management and of course communicating with families and friends via social media.

Hyperforma offers an array of pre-installed services running within a pre-configured virtualised environment that includes:
• Security: Intrusion detection and VPN services
• Network Infrastructure: Routing and network acceleration services
• Connectivity Services: 3G, satellite and Wi-Fi
• Server Applications: That can include email and printing

Hyperforma works out of the box. As a single robust unit it eliminates the need to install and integrate multiple servers, which also means cost reduction as there is a minimal resource requirement on site to install, test and integrate hardware and software. All configurations provide a very high degree of system availability via RAID enabled disk arrays, redundant dual power supplies and hot swappable fans and disks.

The virtualised architecture of Hyperforma provides major benefits to operational and administrative management, equipment costs, hardware footprint, and risk profile of the business, and can provide spin-off benefits such as reduction of the impact of upgrades and disaster recovery time.

Hyperforma delivers application performance improvements via WAN acceleration and has multiple WAN connectivity options that include 3G, Wi-Fi and satellite, all of which can be managed remotely.

Hyperforma minimises hardware, carbon footprint and space by replacing the need for multiple servers, thus reducing energy consumption and purchase, installation, support and maintenance costs.
Hyperforma is customisable. Customers can install their own software within a virtualized environment and may also use services provided by the native hypervisor.

Like its name Hyperforma offers its customers high availability, high security and the highest quality in instant IT infrastructure on the market. Hyperforma gives the customer a one-stop shop for hardware, software and support. This leads to significant benefits for the customer in terms of convenience and time and money, features which set Hyperforma apart from the competition.
Hyperforma’s benefits include:
• Instant IT infrastructure straight from the box
• Remote system administration
• LAN-like performance over a WAN
• Faster application performance reducing bottlenecks
• Faster troubleshooting and reduced network down time
• Reduced cost of ownership, server administration and maintenance costs
• Mechanisms to monitor, optimise and reduce power consumption
• Increased connectivity options
• Increased deployment options, via provision for mobile and harsh IT environments
• Rapid return on investment (typically 6-11 months)
• Enterprise and ruggedized configurations.
• A variety of support options

You should buy Hyperforma if:
• You wish to deploy IT infrastructure in a remote or mobile location
• You have remote workers that require IT infrastructure and connectivity to HQ
• You run projects in a harsh environment
• You require 99.999% availability
• You want to reduce operating costs and hardware footprint
• You need to reduce server down time and associated costs
• You want to experience the benefits of considerable performance improvements when using applications over a WAN
• You need to upgrade and want to rationalise server capacity
• You need a high level of security and compliance
• You need to comply with government requirements to reduce carbon emissions
• You want a solution that provides one stop support for installed hardware and software services
• You wish to take full advantage of the benefits of virtualisation

Hyperforma® is a registered trademark or Intergence Systems Ltd., Portakabin® is a registered trademark of Portakabin Ltd.
Formula 1, (F1) is a trademark of Formula One Administration Ltd.

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Interpreting large amounts of data without visualisation tools can be problematic, resulting in an overload of data and not enough relevant information. HyperGlance enables you to interpret data easily,making decisions at the speed of sight.

Current threat management tools are normally fragmented into separate applications for networks, servers, storage and security. By displaying data in two dimensions only, the user is limited by not being able to
visualise the whole network at once.

Typically when modelling networks above a few hundred nodes, the IT security manager will be dealing with multiple tools providing differing interpretations as to the threat type and impact. Most people struggle to understand the mapping of threat onto critical systems and assets within an organisation.

HyperGlance uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically discover and dynamically lay out a real-time,3D model of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure, both physical and virtual. HyperGlance is the world’s first solution to use gaming technology to aggregate your entire IT estate on a single pane of glass.

By defining powerful and flexible filtered views which aggregate data from multiple security tools on the model, you are able to instantly visualise, correlate and understand complex data from multiple feeds in context. Such correlation would be extremely time consuming with conventional tools, however, HyperGlance facilitates two critical success factors in the new battleground of cyber security – instant visibility and prevention.

Using HyperGlance to define a filtered view to track where their data is stored and processed, IT managers and security data consultants can ensure compliance in cloud computing environments. HyperGlance can be used as an auditing tool in an E-Discovery capacity, taking the pain out of processes that typically take days to compile and generate meaningful information.


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