“Excel as a Leader, Succeed as a Team!”
Horizon37 coach scale-up CEOs and Exec Teams to transition effectively from doing to leading, increasing their ability to scale-up successfully, making the step ups needed as leaders to commercialise their brilliant innovations and achieve their business goals

We are a small, specialist leadership company founded in 2017.

Our entire focus is on innovation scale-up leadership, we are very niche, and focussed experts.

What we do is ruthlessly focused on results; these scale-ups don’t have time to do anything for the sake of it, and everything is at pace. 

We love the people who lead scale-ups. They are brilliant. They learn fast and make the step ups needed as leaders to commercialise their brilliant innovation and land in the world.  

As a result of working with us, leaders:

  • Align on vision and prioritise better

  • Maximise the productivity and performance of their teams

  • Retain and motivate people

  • Get the best from their boards

  • Create a commercial culture

….the results that each customer achieves from working with us are precisely the results that the customer has identified, with our support, as mattering most to achieve their business goals.  

Ultimately, they do what they need to do to grow, perform financially, achieve their mission, and exit. 

Our customers are breaking ground and changing the planet’s future e.g. 

  • The world energy crisis - from fuel cells to fusion

  • Sustainability in human endeavour - from space debris clear-up to quantum computing security

  • Healthcare - from diagnostics to drug formulation, from diabetes to respiratory disease treatment. 

That’s why we do this work. Real results for our customers and the world.




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