Better YouTube strategy in three simple letters

Video. Video. Video. It’s important and you want to be making more of it, but you know how expensive it can be – which leaves you, a business owner, in a tricky position. If video hasn’t worked for you yet, do you really want to throw more money at it?

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The Sookio team writes:

Is video really that important for your business?

Chances are you’ve asked yourself this question before – probably after dropping a few grand on a sexy company promo and letting it sit on your barren YouTube channel with the only views coming from your company’s own IP address.

You took the time to plan it, you spent good money on it, and you dutifully shared it on all your social media channels – maybe a bit too often – so why hasn’t it resulted in more business?

How do you do video marketing right? You need a plan. A proven strategy to reach, engage, and grow your audience.

Why not pinch Google’s?

Introducing Hero, Hub, Help

The old school approach of relying on periodic advertising campaigns doesn’t cut it in 2020. Sure, you can still go all-out with a show-stopping annual campaign, but going from splurge to silence won’t drive sustainable growth.

Periodic campaigns have their place, they do usually lead to a spike in sales, but this will be short lived – resulting in a disappointing long-term ROI.

Successful brands don’t merely advertise. They take the time to build communities of loyal customers by creating consistent, regular content that audiences love, using a variety of formats and platforms.

Hero, Hub, Help (HHH, also known as Hero, Hub, Hygiene) is a content marketing model developed by Google to help brands grow their YouTube audience.

It provides a simple framework you can follow when planning your content calendar. HHH encourages you to segment your content, ensuring every piece is planned, created, and distributed with the right objectives in mind.

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