Cambridge Judge Business School seeks project proposals from local companies

Could your company benefit from a team of bright, motivated and committed young professionals who are able to bring their considerable skills and experience to bear on a real technology policy issue that can provide tangible benefits to your organisation?  Local companies are invited to propose projects to Cambridge Judge Business School.

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MPhil in Technology Policy Final Group Project - call for projects - Tuesday, 11 January 2022
The MPhil in Technology Policy Final Group Project (FGP) offers a unique opportunity for local companies to work with students from Cambridge Judge, one of the world's leading business schools.

The Final Group Project (FGP) is an educational collaboration between a host organisation and Cambridge Judge Business School and is intended to be the capstone of the Cambridge MPhil in Technology Policy.

The students are highly capable graduates with backgrounds in quantitative disciplines such as engineering and science. Many will have advanced degrees in other disciplines and may also have extensive employment experience in technology-based organisations in both the private and public sectors.

The project may cover any aspect of technology policy broadly defined, which includes public policy, corporate strategy and technology development. The organisation may be located in any commercial, industrial, public sector or not-for-profit organisation, either in the UK or overseas. Projects can include complete strategic reviews, benchmarking and best practice analysis, diversification assessments, new market strategies and policy analyses.

If your project is selected, you will be assigned a team of between four and six students to work with you from 18 March 2022 – 27 May 2022. During this time the expectation is that students will work on the project for three weeks full time during the Easter Vacation and three weeks full time during the Easter term.

The School welcomes proposals from organisations of all kinds, as long as the proposal is well defined.

There is no fee for the work, however project clients are asked to pay for any travelling or other incidental expenses related to the project.

The Proposal Deadline is Tuesday, 11 January 2022

If you wish to discuss the project, please contact:

Ms Juliet Wilson  MPhil Principal Projects Leader

Full details of the MPhil in Technology Policy Final Group Project can also be found on the projects webpage here

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