Giving yourself a break to take a break

If you’re heading off on holiday, and concerned about interruptions from work, this is a handy trick to keep the office off your back…

I’m absolutely rubbish at taking time off.

I worry about getting behind at work, letting people down, and missing opportunities.

And I know I’m far from alone in that.

Hence this blog, which I hope will help you secure the space to take a decent holiday.


Last week, I dared to actually have a break.

Okay, it wasn’t the longest and most luxurious, not exactly a month in the Bahamas.

A brief staycation in fact, but refreshing and very pleasant nonetheless. 

River in sunshine

And wonder of wonders, I actually managed to relax.

Much of the reason for that was hardly being bothered at all by anyone in my work world while I was away.

How did I achieve this miracle, you may well ask. 


The answer is the holiday equivalent of a public relations trick…

   - Pre-announcing an announcement.


To get maximum bangs for your buck in the PR world, it’s an old strategy to…

Preview what you’re going to announce…

Then announce it…

Then recap on your announcement.


In the case of holidays, this was my strategy:

I got in touch with every company I worked with, updating them on progress with various projects…

But being sure to mention I was away for a few days.


I said I would still be able to help if required, but it might take me a little longer than usual.

Happily, everyone came back to me and told me they wouldn’t bother me unless they had to, and to enjoy my break.


Even better, they were as good as their word.

A few bits and bobs came in which had to be dealt with, but generally an hour in the morning, or afternoon, and all was sorted. 

Leaving me to enjoy my rest.


The moral of the story being:

Preparing the ground in advance for your unbelievable cheek in having a break…

Is time very well invested in making sure you actually get to enjoy your hols.

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