Have you heard 'The Business of Cambridge' yet?

Heads up, ears out! Sookio's Sue Keogh is hosting a new radio show, The Business of Cambridge. Tune in to Cambridge 105 Radio on Sundays at 10am.

Sue Keogh and The Business of Cambridge - 105 radio banner

Kicking off this month, the programme gives insight into the city’s most fascinating companies who make up the thriving Cambridge business community – all from the comfort of your home.

Each of the 12 episodes sees two guests share the story behind the growth of their business and reflect upon the challenges they face, whether it’s building strong teams, developing innovative products, or simply staying afloat in uncertain economic times. Now you know where to find us every Sunday.

From delving into the innovation of tech companies, through discovering education re-imagined, to letting your inner foodie roam – tune in and see how your business can benefit from their insight.

Sue Keogh accepted her position as a Director on Board of the Cambridge 105 Radio almost a year ago. Since then, she’s been a driving force behind the radio’s growth and innovation.

“As someone who started her career in radio production and who mixes with businesses in the Cambridge community of all shapes and sizes, it’s a joy to be able to put the two together,” says Sue.

Listen in to The Business of Cambridge at 10am on Sundays, from 5 January to 22 March, 2020 on the wonderful Cambridge 105 Radio.

Catch up on previous episodes on Spotify podcast or find out more about the show on the Cambridge 105 Radio website.

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