Let your product shine with this guide to video marketing for social media

Dive into the field of product videography and explore the endless possibilities of social media ad clips, featuring Sookio's new promo for laboratory equipment supplier Asynt.

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Sookio's Anna Mikolajczyk writes:

You have a product and you need to show its best features to sell it. Easy, right?

If it was, they wouldn’t need us marketers, would they now, Anna.

Your business created a brilliant product, so now it’s over to you to promote it. But what’s the best way to present its unique features to the world?

You guessed it: video. Product video, to be specific.

Whether it’s latest trend in high heels or life-saving medical equipment, you need to show it in a flattering light and make sure it gets seen.

Product videography that turns heads

Have you heard about the hottest AW 2020/21 trend? The word on the street is all about product videography and a matching set of social media ad clips that go with it.

Already seasoned on the production runway, this trend hit the streets in the education and life sciences neighbourhoods. Here at Sookio, we’re looking at it closely through our best lens.

Let your product strut its stuff in front of a scrutinising camera eye, perfectly adjusted lighting and an immaculate studio backdrop. The front row is reserved for the electronic slider, ready to smoothly capture every moment of this electrifying show.

So what exactly is a product video?

It’s a professionally shot, aesthetically pleasing video with your product starring in the main role.

It artfully focuses on the product’s top features and explains to the customer how it works, highlighting how this specific product will make their life better.

Take lab equipment for example. Meet Asynt, a lab equipment supplier.

The challenge was to make a cold, scientific object look sexy. So we took these underestimated lab tools for a drink, asked them what's their story, and filmed them from every attractive angle in the most flattering light for their gorgeous shapes.

See the new product video and social media ad clips on the Sookio blog.

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