Looking to change your old fashioned wooden windows in Cambridge?

Cambridge is a beautiful city and has an abundance of architectural gems throughout.

Timber windows

Environmental issues have led to many homeowners seeking high performance double glazing for traditional sliding sash windows.

Admiral Homespace is urging Cambridge home owners to think twice before putting insulation above heritage and aesthetic issues for older Cambridge windows and doors.

Admiral is a specialist in replacing timber window and doors that replicate the Victorian and Edwardian windows in many Cambridge properties. Sliding sash windows are a particular speciality.

Conservation Officers quite rightly shun PVC Windows as an option for protected areas and properties. Traditional wooden windows from Admiral Homespace are supplied with A plus rated double glazing and are draught sealed as well as the frames in aluminium or plastic windows. A Timber Windows Showroom is situated within the Admiral Show Centre near Huntingdon and is well worth a visit for anybody considering replacement windows in Cambridge.

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