Monthly news from Eastern AHSN - August 2020

As the region’s health services had to quickly adapt to the coronavirus pandemic,  the Eastern Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) had a key role to play in supporting its partners to deliver services in a different way.

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In EAHSN's latest newsletter, Piers Ricketts, EAHSN Chief Executive, writes:

"We worked alongside the regional team from NHS England and NHS Improvement in their rollout of the digital infrastructure to enable online GP consultation, adapted the Active+Me programme to allow more people to access cardiac rehabilitation safely at home and continued to expand virtual monitoring in care homes. For my own part, I have been working at the Dept of Health and Social Care since mid-May, where I have led a diagnostics innovation team to evaluate and implement some of the new technologies that will underpin the increases in COVID-19 testing capacity planned for this autumn and winter. I will return to my Eastern AHSN role full-time from the start of October.

"In partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement, we have conducted a survey of people working in healthcare to identify which innovations and changes to usual practice have helped most in the COVID-19 response in our region and which could improve health and care in the long term. We are now analysing over 500 responses to ensure that we learn from this period of rapid innovation and sustain positive changes for the future. You can learn more about our COVID-19 response in this article in our impact review."

Also covered in the newsletter are stories about  EAHSN being part of the HDR UK Team of the Year and the publication of its impact review, as well as insightful blogs from Dr Jag Ahluwalia, Chief Clinical Officer at Eastern AHSN, and from one of the organisation's newer board members, Professor Michael Hornberger from UEA, about citizen science.

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