New podcast examines the role of MedTech in the response to COVID-19

Eastern AHSN has launched a new podcast based on a series of conversations with people from across the healthcare innovation ecosystem who can help them turn great ideas into positive health impact.

Ideas to |Impact graphic

Ideas to Impact will feature local and national experts, from NHS leaders to clinical innovators, entrepreneurs and academics.

In the first episode, NHS Employers and NHS Confederation chief executive Danny Mortimer  - Chief Executive of NHS Employers - spoke about the impact of MedTech, innovation and a collaborative approach across the health system in the response to COVID-19.

Danny spoke about the importance of AHSNs in binding together the healthcare system by bringing together stakeholders from the NHS and in the wider economy.  He also covered the way in which the pandemic has disproportionately impacted minorities, highlighting how important the new NHS Race and Health Observatory will be as we look to continue evaluating what healthcare services can learn from the COVID-19 response as part of NHS Reset.

Listen and keep up to date with the latest episodes here.

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