Why is podcasting for your business so powerful?

Sookio loves a podcast.  Here Clark Chapman, Digital Strategist, shares his experience of this growing medium and helps you make a business case for hosting your own.

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In the UK alone, over 7 million people listen to at least one episode a week. That’s a whopping 24% increase since 2018.

One of those 7 million people is yours truly. So, you can imagine my excitement when I started working with Sookio and got the chance to see behind the scenes of making a podcast.

For me, podcasts have been a gateway to new ideas and have helped me navigate this increasingly confusing world. Whether it’s an insight into the housing market, the wonders of nanotechnology or merely former footballers like Peter Crouch having a laugh. The power of podcasting opens up new worlds.

For those thinking about starting a podcast or tuning in for the first time, I thought I‘d share my top five reasons why I love them.

You’ll also find a handful of my favourite ones to help you get started on your listening journey.

Anywhere, anytime

Listening to podcasts has made some of the more mundane events in life an absolute joy. Whether it’s cleaning out the car (which I hate) or driving to work, you can use this time to learn something new or get some great ideas for a project.

In a busy world, the ability to combine the mundane with the magic of podcasts allows you to make the most of your day, in ways that other formats such as reading cannot. It will change your mindset. Rather than dreading the five-mile run, you can instead see it as time to learn about the sordid affairs of Henry VIII (if that’s your thing).

Personal connection

Despite living in the most connected age in history, many people feel disconnected. It’s the great paradox of our time. The personal nature of podcasts allows you to feel part of a conversation. In my experience, the best podcast presenters make you feel like you are sitting alongside them chatting to a guest. Joshua Fields Milburn from The Minimalist podcast sums it up best by saying, “Worthwhile interactions are what make life worth living.”


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