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Jacqui Kemp, Director of Your People Potential, is back delivering face to face training for organisations and groups of people who regularly work together.

Jacqui writes:

While it’s certainly true that training online can be as effective as face to face training, for topics such as Equality and Unconscious Bias I think it is vital that we are in the same room together. It allows me to appropriately challenge outdated views while keeping the delegates engaged in the activities. It allows everyone to feel safe sharing their experiences and opinions and I can keep an eye on whether anyone is being triggered by some of the content so that I can offer additional support.

Find out what I am doing to ensure in-house training sessions are run in a Covid-safe way in the video below.

For open training sessions we generally have six to eight trainees from five or more organisations. Even though it is training for work purposes, I feel that having more than six people in a room representing a number of different organisations increases the risk, so programmes like my 12-month Management Development programme will remain online.

A new 12-month programme is due to start online in early 2021, and only if Covid cases reduce will I bring trainees together in one room.

When carrying out my risk assessment, I concluded that one organisation providing training for staff who work together anyway does not increase the risk, and for certain topics being together really adds value to the learning outcomes. Last week I ran two in-house sessions on Dignity at Work. The feedback was great, with trainees reporting they are more aware of the impact they can have on others and to check their unconscious biases.

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