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Like a Michelin Star chef needs his pots and pans, digital marketers need their tools. You’re short on time, so the Sookio team put their heads together to round up their picks for digital marketing tools that help you do your job quicker and better.

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The Sookio team writes:

We're giving you the inside scoop into which digital tools we’re using, how we use them every day and how they help us keep being such superstars. Business development, planning, social media management, or video editing – read on to find your match.

Anna, Sales and Marketing Executive

My ultimate starting point for all sales activities is Capsule CRM. It helps me keep track of all leads and keeps their records clear and easy to skim through. The option to assign opportunities and tasks is particularly helpful to evaluate where we stand.

Capsule’s plug-in for Gmail also means I can store email conversations on the client’s record. This saves me any frantic email searches in my crammed inbox. We’ve been using Capsule for a while now and I can honestly say we’re getting everything we need from it. Oh, and we did a nice little marketing strategy for them too.

Another staple in my role is a social media management tool. Everyone’s heard of Buffer by this point, but I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t give it an honourable mention.

Managing social media at Sookio requires flexibility. Scheduling across different channels, moving posts around (we see you and we appreciate you, you sexy drag and drop feature) plus lots of editing - Buffer has that. Its user-friendly interface means both a social media novice and a time-stretched pro will find it helpful.

Buffer suggests optimal time slots to post, but it gives the freedom to override these and choose your own. Bonus: their First Comment feature means you can schedule all the relevant hashtags there and keep the text in the post clear and tight.

And speaking of social media… We’re a content agency and we like our visual content eye-catching. For bigger projects and client work we turn to the graphic design guru Jeremy, but our social media channels are powered by Canva.

From glowing client testimonials to punchy pull-out blog quotes, Canva is our go-to for all visual social media content. Thousands of backgrounds, templates and other elements will send you down a rabbit hole of curious browsing – the choices are endless. The upload tool and the option to save your brand colours makes it super user-friendly too.

Canva also saves your designs, so you don’t need to start from scratch every time. Just save it and use as a head start for creating a regular feature.

Matt, Head of Production

I’ve been working in commercial video for nearly 20 years and I’ve been using Final Cut Pro for at least 15 of them. Its Apple’s go-to non-linear editing software and probably my most used tool.

Every video I shoot will almost certainly be edited using FCP. It has a simple interface making my workflow better organised and much easier. I have always found the software intuitive and friendly so I have become a committed user and fan over the years.

It’s also extremely powerful, allowing for multi-channel video and audio editing. Excellent light and colour grading capabilities mean polishing up footage in an edit can be finished to a professional standard. There is also plenty of plugins available. This means you can find exciting new tools to work within FCP to better your edits.


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