Walking - not working!

John Gourd on his walk

John Gourd, CEO, Cambridge Network

How the Cambridge Network team was forced to take a break from work...

Every day since Lockdown v1.0, and the advent of full-time working from home, the wonderful Cambridge Network team has held a morning Team Review – it’s not just an opportunity to talk about the services we are offering to our members, discussing what our members are up to or what projects we are all working on, it’s also an opportunity to check in with each other and ensure that we’re all doing OK (in what has been a tough nine months).

Today, we broke with that norm and replaced the Team Review with an ‘obligatory’ walk  – an opportunity to listen to the birds, admire the countryside, enjoy the beautiful November weather, listen to some music (can't beat Tallis's Spem in Alium to lift the spirits), even hug a tree if you want, but most importantly not think about work.

We all took pictures and shared them – a couple of mine are here (I’d like to apologise now for the Movember upper-lip-growth)

I am so lucky that, despite living in a city, there is so much green space around us – I decided to walk down Hobson’s Conduit.

Please try it – it’s a great way to top up your emotional batteries and looking after each other’s mental health is so important, especially at the moment.

John's arty countryside shot


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