ENVEA UK LTD is a leading specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of continuous particulate emission monitors for industrial processes worldwide.

With instruments monitoring over 20,000 emission sources worldwide across a broad range of industries, ENVEA UK LTD's particulate monitoring solutions meet stringent regulatory requirements which improve environmental performance and control, increase plant effectiveness and assist in reducing costs.

ENVEA UK LTD success has been built on a track record of partnership with customers to understand their processes and devise effective ways of addressing the environmental challenges these present.

Accreditation achievements include German Ta-LUFT approvals, BImSchV 17, 13 and 27 and the UK Environment Agency’s MCERTS accreditation for both ElectroDynamic™ (Probe Electrification), ProScatter™ (Forward Scatter) and DynamicOpacity™ (Ratiometric Opacity) technologies. In addition to instrument approvals, in 2007 PCME proudly received the prestigious Queens Award for Innovation.

Headquartered in St Ives, UK with offices in Shanghai, China together with distribution representing over 40 countries worldwide, ENVEA UK LTD operate a continual development programme to maintain their position at the forefront of advanced technology-based particulate emission monitoring solutions.

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