Novahub Ltd

Novahub provides an ‘enhanced connectivity’ service over WiFi which complements and promotes businesses, enhances their locations, connects and engages end-users, builds customer loyalty, and offers excellent customer experience.

Novahub is a location-aware, multi-layered enhanced connectivity solution.

We help organisations improve customer engagement through enhanced WiFi connectivity, personalised content and bespoke messaging.

Novahub WiFi Connect builds on many years of WiFi experience to provide the most reliable, robust and cost-effective WiFi solutions for any type of venue small to large. We guarantee coverage and provide a range of total support options to businesses.

Novahub WiFi Engage combines an advanced network platform with complex database analytics and content delivery services, dynamic content is delivered to end users through the Novahub WiFi-integrated app. Novahub helps retail businesses, venues and attractions to engage their customers with personalised marketing content and campaigns.

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