WiFi gets a boost following Ofcom announcement

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Ofcom has announced key changes which affect WiFi across the UK which will have a strong positive impact on the provision of WiFi services for businesses, venues, events, and the hospitality industry.

Ofcom has reviewed existing regulations for spectrum for unlicensed use to meet future demand and address existing problems of slow speeds and congestion, and enable new, innovative applications. 

As a result, it is proposing to increase the amount of spectrum available for WiFi and other related wireless technologies, and to remove certain technical conditions that currently apply.

Changes include:

  • More licence-free spectrum to be made available for WiFi across the UK.
  • Removal of existing constraints in WiFi routers.
  • Enabling of new very low power outdoor signals.

Novahub looks at what happened, how it affects your business, and provides tips on what to do next:

What happened?

Following an extensive industry consultation, Ofcom has announced that later this year it will be introducing changes which will allow WiFi to provide faster and more reliable connectivity, and support innovative applications.

The announcement covered three main points:

  1. The UK WiFi 5GHz spectrum will be extended into the 6GHz band (5925-6425 MHz).  Opening this band will make more channels available, increase capacity and reduce congestion in existing bands caused by large numbers of devices.
  2. Removal of existing radar scanning requirement (DFS) used by WiFi in the 5.8GHz band for indoor use.  This allows more efficient operation and less interruptions in this band.
  3. The release of this spectrum will also enable very low power (VLP) outdoor use.  This will enable the development of new, innovative applications.

Ofcom say they expect the changes to be implemented in Q4 2020.

What this means for WiFi venues & businesses

WiFi has become a critical service for many people and businesses across the UK.  This has led to a high demand, the need for higher throughput and better performance.

Many business and venues who need to attract visitors will benefit from better performing WiFi.  In particular, it can help with attracting and retaining customers, understanding customer behaviour, and boosting productivity.

Ofcom's approach will help address this demand, and deal with existing problems of slow speeds and congestion.  The changes will also enable innovative applications such as augmented and virtual reality, real-time and location aware content, and support for audiences of the future.

Further accelerated with WiFi 6

The timing also comes on the back of the introduction of WiFi 6.  This is the next-generation wireless standard that’s faster than current WiFi systems.

Combined with the new extended spectrum from Ofcom, WiFi 6 enables network performance up to a level that will enable revolutionary new applications in virtually every segment.

WiFi 6 provides techniques which allows for much better performance in congested areas, better battery life for devices, and eventually stronger security for connected devices.

WiFi 6 benefits

Enhanced Customer Experience

Provision of WiFi at venues has now evolved considerably from the earlier days of just providing an internet connection.  Now is an optimum time to take advantage of the new changes together with the latest WiFi technology and enhanced services which it can bring.

These announcements from Ofcom will enable WiFi to greatly improve customer experience and enable considerable value to your business, service or operation.

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