Is your workplace wellbeing working?

Many employers have introduced workplace wellbeing initiatives; pandemic-related work changes mean they have never been so important. But how do you know if your workplace wellbeing approach is working? Could you be doing more? How do you balance the time and resource put in with business interests?

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Join us to hear about a new workplace wellbeing toolkit, launched by the University of East Anglia and RAND Europe this Summer. Whilst there may be a plethora of toolkits and advice around wellbeing, if you’re looking for free, evidence-informed workplace wellbeing resources, which draws on cutting edge research as well as insider insights, then this is for you.

Led by Dr Helen Fitzhugh, Senior Research Associate and Knowledge Exchange Fellow in the Norwich Business School at UEA, this webinar will highlight how the Evolve Workplace Wellbeing toolkit, with its innovative cost effectiveness calculator, can help you to evidence the potential financial benefits of increasing employee wellbeing. So often wellbeing initiatives fall into the trap of being ‘shiny’ but ineffective gestures towards worker wellbeing but if they are well crafted, they can not only improve employee wellbeing but also boost productivity.  Helen will show you how it can work for you. 

It does not matter where your organisation is on its workplace wellbeing journey – whether just starting out or advanced – there are always useful next steps you can take to improve your approach.

About the speaker

Dr Helen Fitzhugh is passionate about organisations and research communication. She gathers the best academic evidence she can find on workplace wellbeing and productivity and then distils it down into practical information and resources for organisations as part of projects called the PrOPEL Hub and Evolve Workplace Wellbeing. The PrOPEL Hub is designed to help boost productivity through supporting the growth of better workplaces in the UK. Evolve Workplace Wellbeing focuses in on strategies at organizational level for good workplace wellbeing. Both involve partners from universities across the UK and the CIPD in providing practical lessons, ideas and toolkits for businesses to draw upon, all informed by the latest research and evidence. Helen has worked across the public, private and voluntary sectors, so bring with her an understanding of how to adapt complex research findings so that they make sense to real-life workers and managers in a variety of different settings.

To attend:

The session will take place at 11am - 11.45am on Tuesday 27th September. Please sign up to take part! Participants will be sent a link to join via Zoom prior to the start time.

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