Can villains be valuable Board members? Take part in a new research project

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What does it takes for a Board, and an individual member within it, to perform well in the specific environment of a scale-up that is led by a highly technical founder?  Horizon37's new research project is seeking to find out.

Horizon37 writes:

Villains and Value?

There has been plenty of research into the role, composition, and tasks of the board for an early stage rapid-growth business. Much advice is also available for the CEO on the creation and effective ways to work with the board. However, there is little out there to provide any introspection for board members themselves, and what there is, is largely focused on big business.

Our research aims to fill the gap left of ‘HOW’ to be on the small business board; what behaviours and ways of thinking to bring to the table.

We ask provocative questions about villainous board behaviour, and how to minimise and mitigate it. But our research goes a step on from that, it recognises that there may be a villain on the board - it might even be you, so what?! Can such members still be valuable in bringing a certain dynamic to the board? We will consider how a wide array of styles can destroy or create value. We aim to identify what array of behaviours bring the MOST value to scale-ups.

The output from this research is for the audience of board members, offering a possible challenge to their behaviours and providing an effective path to follow. Ultimately, the goal is to enable board members to deliver maximum value, and contribute positively to the performance of rapid growth businesses.

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