Computer Tutoring provides new SUMIF Excel Across Multiple Sheets training video

Computer Tutoring is happy to provide this free resource for those looking to summarise data accross multilple sheets in Excel.

A video poster file with the text Excel Sumif Multiple Sheets on the left and someone on the rightwondering how to do it.

SUMIF Excel Across Multiple Sheets

SUMIF Excel across multiple sheets is a handy formula to know if you want to summarise date in Microsoft Excel. This tutorial will not only show you how to use SUMIF with many sheets, it will break down the formula showing you exactly how it works. This way you can use this formula with other similar formulas such as AVERAGEIF or COUNTIF.

  • Whats is SUMIF Excel?
  • SUMIF Excel Across Multiple Sheets
  • How to use the INDIRECT Function
  • How to use the SUMPRODUCT Function 

This training video also comes along with written step by step instructions. 

SUMIF EXcel Across Multiple Sheets - Step by Step Written Instructions 

SUMIF Excel Across Multiple Sheets - Video

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