Join Your People Potential's management graduation celebration on 25 July 2019


Your People Potential  writes: As we bring to a close our 8th management programme, we have decided to throw a celebratory lunch for our graduates, and invite anyone to join us who is interested in attending a future programme, or would like to consider bringing management training into their organisation.

Over the past five years we have been delivering and developing our 12-month management training programme. Our focus is on turning managers into coaches and building personal awareness while developing the skills and behaviours needed to be an inspirational manager.​

The next programme starts in September, and is an opportunity for new and experienced managers to grow into competent and confident managers.

We combine evidence-based management techniques with inter-personal skills to help managers initiate and lead conversations around performance, challenging behaviours and employee wellbeing.

Our celebration meeting will be held in Cambridge on 25th July, at 1pm.

Here’s what some previous delegates had to say:

“I’m more inclined to confront difficult situations, more pro-active in addressing challenges. Although I don’t find it easy, I am more vocal as a senior manager.”

“I manage people differently now, I am more aware of the impact I have, as CEO, and more inclined to reflect on my approach.”

“Initially, I didn’t think I had anything more to learn, having completed several management courses in my career. However, as soon as I realised that the trainer had my best interests at heart, and had the insight and skill to shine light on the sources of my management struggles, I opened up to the possibility that I could turn myself around and come out smiling.”                         

Contact us on to receive your personal invitation to join us for this celebratory buffet lunch where you can hear about the impact the training has had from recent and past management trainees.


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