Villains vs. Value - Horizon37 launches new report

Villains vs. Value - Horizon37 _ report cover

What really works on Scale-up boards? Today, Horizon37 launches its exciting new report.

A range of board member behavioural styles can maximise both individual and collective value for the scale-up business. The most common behavioural archetypes that we have identified can make a positive contribution. Moreover, each one has the potential to exhibit destructive behaviours when its “villainous”/ shadow side is dominant.

In general, a board full of shadow side archetypal behaviours renders the board as a whole, less effective. And often the shadow side comes out because of unhelpful, underlying motivations and mindsets. However, we do find that in some specific and rare circumstances, the "villainous"/shadow-side behaviour is valuable.

The study is based on interviews with participants from across the business ecosystem and provides new insight into the importance of behaviour and how board members can maximise their value by getting it right. The report also provides a comprehensive board value framework.

Read the full report HERE.


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