Why Hybrid Networking?

Breathe Technlogy outline the benefits of a Hybrid Network

Hybrid Network

 A Hybrid Network is as simple as having two (or more) different network connections to a site, but there is much more to it than that.

The network is the foundation of digital transformation and plays a critical role in an increasingly connected, digitised, globally distributed and fast-paced world where computing, applications and users are everywhere.

We help organisations design, implement, automate and manage networking functions that enable digital and cloud transformation. An integrated networking experience is provided within and between the home office, branch office, head office, data centre, and public.

There are various sectors where the hybrid topology is widely used, such as in the education sector, banking sector, automated industries, financial sector, research organisations, and multi-national companies.

What are the benefits:

  • Improves Agility
  • Improves Network Reliability
  • Cost-Effective
  • Effective Security & Performance Without Hard Costs
  • A Hybrid Network can reduce delivery times

Our networking services are secure by design, efficiently supporting and managing the most demanding software-defined, high performance hybrid environments.

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