Career Ambitions

Based in Cambridge, Career Ambitions has a strong reputation for enabling highly-trained and talented individuals to get through major career change, redundancy and/or indecision to realise their career potential and meet their ambitions.

In addition to working with individuals to help them realise their career ambitions, we also offer extensive Outplacement support to companies when they are restructuring.  This support includes preparing individuals for internal interview processes as well as workshops and coaching to help employees prepare for the external job market. Increasingly, we work alongside businesses to coach under-performing employees and help them to achieve their full potential.

Our specific services include:

  • Career Management Coaching  - Determining the best career route for the individual
  • Confidence Coaching – Working alongside the individual to identify their key strengths and boost their confidence
  • Redundancy and Outplacement Support - Supporting individuals to manage change and prepare for a new career 
  • Career and Job Profiling – work with individuals to reveal their sub-conscious motivations to understand what career(s) they’re best suited to.
  • Online Career Ambitions Club - a unique Club containing a wealth of unique exercises to give its members the self-awareness, planning and expertise to achieve their true career potential.



Products and services

Career Acceleration

Want to accelerate your Career?

If you want to push your career onto the next level, we can help you to establish specific goals that will enable you to achieve your ambitions.

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Career Preparation

In need of Career Preparation support?

If you’re feeling out-of-touch in the swiftly-changing job market, we offer advice on how Interviewers make decisions, ways in which you can get noticed and the most effective ways of job hunting for your industry.


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What Career

Unsure What Career is for you?

If you’re unsure you’re on the right career path, we work with you to explore your motivations at work, uncover your skills and passions and map-out your future career so you can make the right career decisions.

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Career Crisis

Suffering a Career Crisis? 

If you are unhappy at work, we can work with you to find options and decide on the solution that will help you to find happiness at work.

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